Gidich + Sepúlveda Architecture is a collaborative architecture & design company based in New York Metro Area with their main office located in Hohokus, New Jersey. GSA was created by the merger of the two partners Zachary Gidich (Zachary Gidich Architecture/ Design) + David Sepulveda (HYPER Collaborative). The company has since been involved in the construction, design, and production of projects across almost every medium, from digitally fabricated large-scale sculptures to interactive designs, to various residential-commercial projects, to international competition ranging through all architectural typologies. As the studio adjusted to a wide range of projects, we began to focus less on the medium and style and more on ideas.

As a studio, GSA embraces projects through a mix of research and ideas. On one hand, the studio is invested in projects that require significant research and experimentation. These projects provide a testing ground for us to help germinate a studio environment that is ripe with creativity. We take advantage of what we learn from these projects through the design of our more client-based work. The constraints of all projects are treated as opportunities that are tested through a collaborative studio environment with the hopes of solving typical problems in new ways, with new tools. Through the studio’s unique blend of backgrounds as designers, artists, architects, and educators we are able to approach every project from a fresh perspective to create rich spatial, graphics, interactive and visual experiences. By mixing research, creativity, and technology with a strong desire to make working fun, GSA attempts to create new and unique experiences.

In 2013 – 2014 GSA was shortlisted in various international competitions that year, including both ONE Prize & eVolo skyscraper annual competition. The studio has also produced a wide range of design projects and collaborated with various artists, designers, publications and institutions including ONE Prize, The New York Times, eVolo Magazine, Surface Magazine, and New York Institute of Technology. The studio has also exhibited work in galleries throughout New York City. We continue to work on many projects in New York while taking on new projects and clients in Europe and Asia. At GSA we pride ourselves on forging close collaborative relationships with our clients with the goal of creating budget-conscious, yet distinctive designs that express the specific needs and identities of our clients.