Nova “Engineering Ground Zero” (Proposal)

This is a compilation of shots from a collaborative proposal with Garbanzo Grafix for a NOVA documentary on the construction of the Freedom Tower.

Our intention was to simulate a practical environment – real architectural models in a real studio environment. Hand-held cameras, imperfect lighting, core samples of Ground Zero dirt.

We didn’t land the job, but we did expand our lighting, 32bit linear workflow, and photo-real rendering abilities.

Here’s the show that aired:


Music Credit: Human Machine – 146

Cubic Fluctuations in Space

Mass repetitive fluctuations of cubic objects in space with a single light source behind. Collaboration with Garbanzo Grafix.

Novel Registrations

Manipulation of grid regularity using attractor based logics and weight attractors through remapping parameters.

Music Credit: Guitar Sound by Ronald Jenkees

Functional Vacancies

Repurposing vacant lots in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for wetlands.